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It seems like everyone these days is trading. As we move into an age where fiat currencies are on a constant downward spiral, it’s important that people start moving their assets out of pure money and into other things.

If the dollar does end up crashing, like a lot of experts are predicting, having a properly diversified portfolio is going to be the only thing standing between you and bankruptcy.

The clock is ticking, which has a lot of beginner traders nervous. People don’t have 10 years to hone their skills as they did back in the day, so the demand for a quick route into trading has opened up. Enter Wealth Matrix

Wealth Matrix Makes Trading Easy

With Wealth Matrix, you don’t have to worry about making any ill-informed investments. Our system takes care of the trades for you; all you have to do is fund your account and set your parameters.

We do this through our state-of-the-art trading bot. The technology that we’ve developed for Wealth Matrix reads market data so that you don’t have to. It crunches all of the numbers to make sure that your trades are as optimized as possible.

This allows you to get ready for the future without spending 100’s of hours trying to learn a new skill from the ground up, meaning you have the time to spend on another area of your life, whether that be with your family, on personal development, or something else entirely.

What Makes Wealth Matrix Great?

We’ve done everything in our power to make Wealth Matrix as accessible as humanly possible. That plan has included a fight on three fronts. First, our UI is one of the most intuitive on the market. If you’ve ever logged onto a trading brokerage site, then you know just how overwhelming that can be.

You need to learn to just read a chart on these sites, which a lot of traders don’t know how to do. We do away with all of that technicality, presenting you only with the information that matters to you right now. Secondly, our technology is more advanced than any other trading platform out there today. We’ve worked tirelessly on our systems, allowing us to create a bot that works seamlessly regardless of what you want to trade.

Lastly, we offer Wealth Matrix to all of our users free of charge. There are no signup fees, no subscription fees, and no hidden charges.

We have partnerships with a number of brokers that we operate through. These partnerships are what keep Wealth Matrix up and running, so we’re never going to ask you for a cent.

What You Can Trade on Wealth Matrix

What to actually start trading is a massive pain point for a lot of traders. There are limitless options out there, all of which require some sort of research to get into. At Wealth Matrix, we divide our trading options up into four major categories:


Commodity trading is one of the simplest forms out there, which is why we advise that all beginner traders start here.

Commodity trading involves the trading of this that has tangible value and presence. For example, gold is a commodity, as is oil, alcohol, tobacco, and silver.

When you buy a commodity, you are buying a product, although you don’t need to store it yourself. It’s a great way to learn the ropes.


Crypto is the new guy on the block, and what an impression it’s made. Since blowing up in 2017, crypto has changed the financial world as we know it.

More and more governments and corporations are making moves to use crypto, so you should get your money in now while the going is good.

Trading crypto is a lot like trading commodities, and it’s the type of investment that you should hold onto.

It’s quickly becoming one of the biggest trading mediums in the world, and we offer it on Wealth Matrix.


Assets are similar to commodities in that you’re investing in something that is physical, but unlike commodities, assets don’t have a definitive value.

When you buy an ounce of gold, that ounce is worth the same amount as someone else’s ounce, hence why it’s a commodity and not an asset.

A house, on the other hand, can change value due to a number of variables, making it an asset instead of a commodity.


CFDs are very different from the other types of trading we offer. With any of the other types, your investment has value. If that value drops, you still have an investment to speak of.

CFDs are not like that. Instead, a CFD is more similar to a bet. You’re betting on whether a price is going to go up or down. It’s risky and requires a lot of expert knowledge, hence why we recommend that you stay away from this one until you have a little more experience.


We get asked questions all the time at Wealth Matrix, so we’ve put together a short FAQ for you to have a look at.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Only a few minutes. We don’t ask you for identity verification or anything like that. All we ask you to do is to fill out some basic information and verify and email. 

How much do I need to get started?

Our minimum deposit limit is $250. This gives you a great starting place to build your portfolio off of while not asking for a ludicrous deposit.

How do I learn more about trading?

One of the biggest advantages of the digital age is access to a library of free education. There are online courses, video series, lectures, books, and more, all freely available to you on the art of trading.

If you run a Google search for it, you’re going to get countless results. Learning this way is going to be of a much greater benefit to you than traditional education.

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